Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP preaches in Belfast and Armagh on Christian Unity

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The Bishop of Nottingham, the Rt Rev Malcolm McMahon OP is preaching in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh tonight (20 January).during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

“The theme we are offered in this week reminds me very much of the words of St John who, at the beginning of his first letter, wants to tell us what he has seen and heard so that we may have communion, not just with each other but with the Father and his Son Jesus Christ.

“So it is obvious to me that ecumenism is far from being ‘dead in the water’. We cannot sit back on our laurels and say this is as good as it gets. That is patently not true because there is still that big and final step to take – undoubtedly the hardest – from commitment to communion.

“If we are to be effective witnesses we have to pass on to others that which we have seen and heard, not only that which has be passed on to us. In other words witnessing is a two stage process. First we have to see, hear or touch something that remains with us in our experience and our memory, and then secondly we testify to the truth of that which we experienced.”

Bishop Malcolm McMahon also preached a sermon in St. Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast yesterday (19 January).

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Bishop Malcolm McMahon’s sermon for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2010 (pdf)