Archbishop Urges Caution over Military Intervention in Syria Crisis

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The President of the Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, spoke to the BBC Radio 4 ‘Sunday’ Programme yesterday to urge the international community to draw back from military intervention to address the civil war in Syria.

Questioning the exact purpose for military intervention, Archbishop Nichols said:

“Nobody’s suggesting inactivity. To suggest it is military action or nothing is misleading. What we need is genuine leadership that says ‘the halting of this conflict is the most important thing facing the world and other issues have to be put to one side’ so that Russia, France, Britain and the United States – the key players – have to act together and put differences aside. The fate of six million more people depends on this. It’s not a simple question of military action or nothing.”


You can listen to the BBC R4 interview with Archbishop Nichols, 8 September, by using the player in the top right-hand corner of this article.

Duration: 4m 32s

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