The Journey to 2030

'The Journey to 2030' is a lay run campaign that aims to encourage Catholics and the Church to avoid the worst consequences of the current ecological crisis by engaging now and over the next decade on a ‘long path to renewal.’

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‘The Journey to 2030’ is a lay run campaign that aims to encourage the Catholic Church to make progress along a path to renewal by providing the necessary resources to parishes and individuals in order to engage with this urgent challenge of our ecological crisis.

It’s aims are:

  • To promote unity in action. We ask all people to use their varied skills and influence to make a difference.
  • To create a sense of urgency towards our ecological crisis and those suffering from its ill effects.
  • To promote the most effective actions in our race against time.
  • To especially encourage community building and a spirit of sharing to enable parishes to flourish as the hub of the community.
  • To educate as a means to encourage an interior conversion.

Bishop John Arnold

Bishop John Arnold, Lead Bishop for the Environment and Chair of CAFOD, has lent his support to the initiative:

“I welcome the constructive and positive initiatives of ‘The Journey to 2030’. We face the reality that we have done unprecedented damage to our planet and our brothers and sisters, to the animal kingdom and all aspects of biodiversity.

“But we have every reason for hope. Having recognised the damage, we are coming to understand the science and we have the means to correct the damage done. This responsibility falls to each and every one of us.

“We cannot leave this matter to governments and industry. We need to take our part and learn ways in which we may care for our common home through changes in our daily routine. Every initiative is to be valued and ‘The Journey to 2030’ is giving valuable encouragement”.


Visit ‘The Journey to 2030‘ site to find out more.