National Synthesis Team

The National Synthesis Team is responsible for collating and organising the Synod submissions received from the Dioceses of England and Wales as well as national Catholic organisations and other bodies to produce a National Synthesis for Rome.

The Diocesan Syntheses, the ‘local’ part of the Synodal process, were submitted to the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales on the Friday before Holy Week as part of the two-year process requested by Pope Francis for the Catholic Church.

Now, having received each document from the dioceses, along with submissions from national Catholic organisations and other bodies, a National Synthesis Team has produced the national synthesis for England and Wales that will be sent to the Synod Office in Rome by 15 August 2022.

National Synthesis

The National Synthesis – reflects on Synod reports received by the national synthesis team, discerning the main themes that have emerged from the listening conversations, and collating them together to give a picture of the synodal process in England and Wales.


The National Synthesis Team met from 27-28 April to begin its work so that an ‘initial findings’ report can be given to the Plenary Assembly of the Bishops’ Conference that meets in Cardiff from 2 – 6 May.

The work continued until 1 June when a national synod gathering of bishops and lay people who helped produce the submissions received by the Conference took place in St George’s Cathedral, Southwark. A first draft of the national synthesis was considered on this day.

The final version has been presented to the Bishops for their assent for submission to Rome by the 15 August deadline.


Members of the National Synthesis Team are:

Miss Sarah Adams
Director of the Department for Adult Education and Evangelisation
Diocese of Clifton
(Serving Wiltshire, Avon, Somerset and Gloucestershire)

Mr Dominic Belli
Diocese of Menevia

Dr Austen Ivereigh
Catholic journalist, author, commentator and biographer of Pope Francis

Dr Mary McCaughey
Lecturer in Theology and Director of Studies
St Mary’s College, Oscott

Dr Mark Nash
Director of the Agency for Evangelisation and Catechesis

Rev. Jan Nowotnik
Director of Mission and National Ecumenical Officer
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

Sr Elaine Penrice fsp
Daughter of St Paul
Director of the National Office for Vocation

Rev. Canon Christopher Thomas
General Secretary
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

Miss Kate Wilkinson
Archdiocese of Liverpool

Episcopal Oversight

Episcopal oversight of this work will be given by:

Archbishop John Wilson

Bishop Marcus Stock


From left to right:

Dr Mark Nash, Rev. Canon Christopher Thomas, Miss Kate Wilkinson, Sr Elaine Penrice fsp, Mr Dominic Belli, Miss Sarah Adams, Rev. Jan Nowotnik, Dr Austen Ivereigh and Dr Mary McCaughey.