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Deliver Us From Evil

Catholic News
Catholic News
Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil is a new booklet, published by the Catholic Truth Society (CTS), offering Catholics a useful set of prayers and supplications, humble requests for the Lord’s help, that can be used in times of fear, distress or temptation.

The prayers are drawn from Holy Scripture and Sacred Tradition and are intended for individual use to protect us from the forces of evil.

In this Catholic News podcast, Father Robert Taylerson, a member of our Spirituality Committee and Spiritual Director at Oscott College, joins Liturgy Office Director Martin Foster for a conversation about the booklet and how it can be used by Catholics.

Buy the booklet

Deliver Us From Evil costs £9.95 and can be purchased from the CTS website. It’s a handy pocket-sized guide to help us in the struggle against the powers of darkness.


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