Episode » Christ the King | Episode 18

Christ the King | Episode 18

At the Foot of the Cross
At the Foot of the Cross
Christ the King | Episode 18

The November 2023 episode of At the Foot of the Cross has crept in on the very last day of the month. The task set for our General Secretary, Canon Chris Thomas, is to bridge the gap from the Feast of Christ the King to the wonderful season of Advent – that sacred time before Christmas we use to prepare ourselves to celebrate the Lord’s coming into the world as the incarnate God of love.

Before Canon Thomas’s Scripture reflection on this very subject we discuss the conflict in the Holy Land, the need to pray for peace, and the Bishops’ desire to see our latest English saint elevated to the status of ‘Doctor of the Church’ – St John Henry Newman.

November is, of course, a ‘plenary month’ that sees the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales gather at Hinsley Hall in Leeds to discuss the issues of the day and how they impact on the Church and the faithful. Our podcast concludes with Canon Thomas and Director of Mission, Fr Jan Nowotnik, in conversation about the four-day meeting and its resolutions.

Rest assured December’s podcast will arrive in the middle of the month rather than at the end.


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