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The Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life on Monday, 13 December, released the second video in its five-part campaign exploring the key role persons with disabilities play in the Church: #IamChurch.

In the video, entitled “I feel part of the Church”, four Spanish-language friends recount their experiences as persons with disabilities engaged in the teaching mission of the Church.

Gifts to help others know God

The four friends tell about a mission experience in Oaxaca, Mexico, during which they used their gifts to tell children about God.

In a small Mexican village, the team of catechists encountered several deaf children who knew nothing about God. “So, we preached the Gospel, so that they might have a new vision of God.”

The four also frequently work with young deaf people through pastoral activities and workshops for interpreters.

“We want to invite all deaf people: come!” they urge. “Come and meet the Spirit, who will help you have fun, knowing that the Spirit will help you and support you. Don’t leave [the Church]! Don’t be afraid of remaining with God. Have faith!”

Many ways of feeling part of Church

Another young man, Eduardo, shares his experience of feeling like a part of the Church, even as a deaf person. He says sign language, along with the help of interpreters, helps him participate in the life of the Church, as well as reading the Bible, catechesis classes, and youth and apostolate groups. 

“For example,” says Eduardo, “in 2018, I was invited to work at the World Youth Day, and I went to Panama to help out with welcoming Pope Francis.”

Eduardo says the many pastoral activities he carries out have helped him to learn many new things, while helping others in his community to learn about God.

Source: vaticannews.va