The major events organised by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, its departments, offices and agencies.

Death and Dying

There is a word of Scripture for every time and season of our lives. More >

The Books of Wisdom

In this section, you can read the introduction to the Books of Wisdom. More >

The Prophets

Read the introduction to the Prophetic Literature. The Prophets is the largest section of the Hebrew Bible. More >

Towards a better use of prison

October's 'Focus' sees us look at our Prison communities and Prison reform More >

God’s ever abiding presence!

See how Chris shows God’s ever abiding presence in the Scriptures and how they come alive in the Mass. More >

Jesus Gives Us Instructions On How To Bring Correction And Forgiveness

Kristina Cooper shares her view on the Bible’s command to offer reconciliation. More >

Seek First the Kingdom of God

Kristina Cooper shares how the Scriptures enable us to deepen our faith and trust in God with surprising results. More >

My Bible Journey

Read Jean Johnson’s ‘Bible Journey’ and how she’s celebrated the Scriptures in her life. More >

Responding to the God Who Speaks!

André Schaminée, of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa, shares how the God who Speaks throughout the Bible called him to be a missionary. More >

When I was a stranger, you made me welcome

Fr Joe Ryan shares some powerful Scriptural texts about social justice and how they’ve shaped his life, faith and ministry. More >

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