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Flame is the largest Catholic youth gathering in the UK, and we can’t wait for it’s return in March 2025! Most recently, in March of last year, Flame 2023 welcomed over 8,000 young people to the OVO Arena, Wembley for a day of inspirational speakers, world-class Christian musicians and moments of prayer and Adoration.

Reflections from young people and group leaders have highlighted the transformative experience that Flame has provided young people. In his welcome address, Fr Dominic Howarth, chair of the Flame organising group, reminded young people that this is “Church as you’ve never seen it before, Church as you’ve never been it before. But have no doubt, this is Church.”

The atmosphere within the crowd was fantastic, everyone joined in and it felt like a big community coming together to celebrate what they love most in the world. It was the best experience I have had and I would love to go again. I will never forget it.

Year 9-11 student after Flame 2023

We certainly hope so too! Group booking opens on 31st January 2024 – the Feast of St John Bosco, patron for youth. We hope this gives extra time for groups to book and spread the cost, with just a £10pp deposit required to secure your seats (which are allocated by group, first come served!). We also have super early bird and early bird discounts available to try and make the day as accessible as possible. For more information check out

We are also pleased to announce the theme for Flame 2025: “Unstoppable – Fan the Flame of Hope!”

Throughout the Bible, God’s love and mission for humanity has proven unstoppable. Whether it’s the Israelites escaping Egypt, David triumphing over Goliath, or Jesus conquering death itself, the theme is clear: when driven by God’s will, nothing is insurmountable.

Acts 2 narrates the descent of the Holy Spirit, which enflames the apostles with a fervor that becomes unstoppable, leading them to spread the Gospel fearlessly across nations. CYMFed’s Flame Youth Congress reminds us that this same power is within each of us, waiting to be harnessed.

The next Flame Congress is 15th March 2025, a Jubilee year declared by Pope Francis. Pope Francis has declared the 2025 Jubilee theme: ‘Pilgrims of Hope’. Pilgrimages are journeys with a sacred purpose, often full of challenges. To embark on a pilgrimage is to be unstoppable in one’s faith, believing in God’s guiding hand throughout the journey. Just as many saints and martyrs have shown, faith and hope make one unstoppable against adversities.

“Overall this pilgrimage has probably changed my life” Sixth former after Flame 2023

Young people often feel passionate about their goals, be it in education, relationships, or social justice. Today’s youth also face unique challenges, from mental health struggles to societal pressures. The world often tells young people what they can’t do. ‘Unstoppable’ flips the narrative. It tells them that with faith and determination, they can achieve greatness. ‘Unstoppable’ serves as a reminder that with God’s love and the community’s support, they can rise above obstacles and overcome all barriers.

The best thing about Flame 2023 was the incredible sense of community, worshipping with 8000 other Catholics – especially those my age. Year 9-11 pupil

We look forward with great hope for Flame 2025. Since 2012, Flame has allowed parish, school and diocesan groups to gather and journey together, and share a day of prayer, worship and learning led by world-class speakers and musicians. For the youth of England and Wales, we hope Flame 2025 inspires and reminds them that with God on their side, they can light up the world with their passion and faith.

Adoration was AMAZING. Quote from a young person in my group: ‘what was that? And why haven’t you shown us this before?’ Group leader

At this stage, we are delighted to confirm that One Hope Project, the Catholic worship collective based in the UK, and the incredible Adenike Adewale will be joining us for Flame 2025. Adenike is a judicial lawyer, but also currently on tour as Whitney Houston in “The Queen of the Night” as well as continuing to volunteer with her parish youth group in the Diocese of Southwark. At Flame 2023, she premiered her debut single, “Best version” which is now available on Spotify and YouTube, and encourages us all to be “God’s best version” of ourselves.

My highlight was the talk by Adenike! It’s amazing how she was a member of the youth in 2019, just like me and now she’s doing something big. It helped me realise that we are all on our OWN journey. University Student

There are some exciting conversations and planning in the works, and we can’t wait to reveal the full line-up of special guests, speakers and musicians throughout the year. We will also be releasing free resources to all group leaders as we prepare and journey to Flame 2025!