Bishops’ Conference submits evidence to House of Commons Inquiry promoting Human Rights around the world

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Drawing on the conference’s work with the Catholic Church in other countries, it highlights five priority areas: freedom of religion or belief; global abolition of the death penalty; human rights promotion after leaving the EU; human rights standards in trade agreements; and modern slavery.

Rt Rev Declan Lang, chair of the Bishops’ Conference Department for International Affairs said: “As Pope Francis reminded us earlier this year there is a significant relation between the Gospel message and promotion of human rights. As Christians we should always encourage our governments to put human rights at the heart of their foreign policy.
I hope that our submission, which draws upon the Bishops’ Conference’s work with our brothers and sisters across the world, will help to strengthen that mission.”


Evidence submitted by the Bishops’ Conference can be found here:

Details of about the inquiry can be found: Human Rights Work Inquiry