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The Most Rev George Stack, Archbishop of Cardiff, has begun a new evangelisation initiative to support the sharing of the Catholic Faith in Cardiff and to the whole of the Archdiocese.
The ‘Come and See’ project is located at the Archdiocese’s new city-centre venue, the Cornerstone at St David’s, and aims to provide events and a warm welcome to those interested in finding out more about Catholicism.
Archbishop Stack said:

“It’s hoped that the Cornerstone at St David’s will offer a support and focal point for those who’d like to find out more about the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith. If you’re searching in life, or are just interested to find out more about what Catholics believe, the door is open. Do ‘come and see’. A warm welcome will be offered to every visitor even if you just want a quiet space and a cup of tea.”
The newly-refurbished venue on Charles Street, just off Cardiff’s main shopping artery, is a place of welcome, with a team of volunteers on hand to greet visitors and serve refreshments. Starting on 6 June, six lunchtime talks by different speakers, will offer windows into the Catholic Faith. Each speaker will also give a personal account of how their faith has shaped their life.

The first speaker is Gareth Leyshon, a Catholic priest with a PhD in Astrophysics, who will talk about Faith and Science. Other lunchtime talk topics include:

  • God’s Guidance – 13 June

  • Losing a Child – 20 June

  • Faith and Love – 27 June

  • Social Justice – 4 July

Archbishop Stack added:

“The ‘Come and See’ project is under the patronage of St David, the Patron Saint of Wales, who was a sixth century renowned teacher and preacher. St David founded monastic settlements and churches, and his example inspired many others to set out to evangelise Wales. It is therefore fitting that in our time, we should prayerfully commend our efforts to this great saint, seeking to imitate his example in service of all those that we encounter, especially being attentive to those most in need.”
The initial group of people that the Cornerstone at St David’s volunteers hope to serve are the thousands of city workers who work in commercial offices and shops in the local area, together with shoppers and sightseers at leisure in the Welsh capital. The forthcoming talks will run 1 – 1:30pm.

For more information please see Cardiff’s official ‘Come and See’ project website.

If you’re interested in volunteering at the Cornerstone at St David’s please visit the diocesan website.

For images, please visit Cardiff’s photostream