Pax Christi welcomes life-saving initiatives and global ceasefire during COVID-19 pandemic

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Catholic organisation Pax Christi – the Peace of Christ – is an international Catholic movement for peace. Speaking to Independent Catholic News, its director, Theresa Alessandro, said she was encouraged by the unified response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

“In these difficult times, Pax Christi members are inspired by the drastic measures we are all prepared to take, in order to try and save the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities. We see bright glimpses of the gospel being truly lived.

“We endorse the call of Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, for a global ceasefire so that the world can focus instead on dealing with this new threat.

“We have been encouraged to see how readily British manufacturers can adapt their skills and machinery to producing ventilators. Now we can bear witness that it is possible for our industries to be diversified, when the political will is there.

“We welcome an additional hospital and have appreciated the irony of it being the London ExCel Centre – which usually hosts the huge DSEI Arms Fair – that is now being turned to this life-saving purpose.

“These events have renewed our hope for a world in which we might manufacture goods that support life, rather than weapons which destroy it. We might fund services, like healthcare and libraries, instead of sinking huge amounts of money into British nuclear weapons which have no power at all over a tiny, horrible virus. We could reduce the injustice and inequality which will now make a life and death difference to some.

“We are keeping in our prayers all those whose lives are affected by Coronavirus. When the restrictions are lifted, we pray too that we will be ready to live differently because of what we have seen and heard.”

Check out Pax Christi website for prayer resources, and education resources that can work online too.

Originally published by Independent Catholic News