Statement: Year for Consecrated Life

A statement from the November 2014 Bishops' Conference Plenary meeting at Hinsley Hall, Leeds, on the Year for Consecrated Life

Bishops’ Plenary Meeting – November 2014

Hinsley Hall, Diocese of Leeds

The Year for Consecrated Life

The Bishops’ Conference approves the following statement for publication:

We welcome with joy the Year of Consecrated Life which will begin on the First Sunday of Advent 2014 and conclude on 2nd February 2016. Pope Francis has invited the whole Church to celebrate this Year by giving thanks for the contribution of consecrated men and women to the life of the Church. We recognise with gratitude the many ways in which religious and those in other forms of consecrated life enrich the Church in England and Wales. We encourage the faithful to find opportunities to celebrate consecrated life in their local community and to pray for an increase in vocations to the consecrated life.

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