World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day raises public awareness about mental health issues. The day promotes more open discussion of mental health needs and advances in prevention and treatment services for mental illness.

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The facts below illustrate why our communities of faith have a huge part to play in raising awareness, challenging stigma and offering acceptance and support to those facing the challenges of living with mental illness.

  • In 2010 depression was the most prevalent illness after coronary heart disease
  • 1 in 4 people will suffer a mental illness in their lifetime
  • 1 in 10 children aged 5 – 16 have a clinical mental illness
  • 1 in 100 people will suffer from schizophrenia (600,000 people)
  • 26 million prescriptions a year relate to a mental health issue
  • After a decade of annual declines there has been an 8% rise in suicide between 2007 and 2009
  • There are 5,000 suicides every year in our country
  • Suicide is the second most common cause of death of men under the age of 35
  • 820,000 people in the UK suffer from dementia.