Laudato Si Animators UK

Laudato Si Animators educate and enable people to inspire others to engage in dialogue and action on the current environmental crisis.

Laudato Si Animators UK are a group of like-minded people, mainly Catholics, who have graduated from the Global Catholic Climate Movement’s ‘Laudato Si Animators’ course.

The course was set up to educate and enable people to inspire others – in parishes, schools and in the world at large – to engage in dialogue and action on the current environmental crisis.

The Laudato Si Animators do this by promoting the messages in Pope Francis’ Encyclical ‘Laudato Si‘.

Online Course

GCCM aims to activate the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics to tackle the climate crisis. One of the ways it does this is by running an online course to educate and empower people to bring the Laudato Si Encyclical to life. A wide range of resources are made available and participants are invited to practise reflective and prayerful experiences, alone and with others. Each participant who completes the course is awarded a ‘Laudato Si Animators Certificate’ as confirmation of their participation in the course, and their motivation to take it forward. The course is ongoing, and you can enrol on the Animators’ website.


The Laudato Si Pledge was created by Global Catholic Climate Movement to encourage Catholics to turn the Laudato Si Encyclical into action to care for the planet. The Pledge is a commitment to live simply, to pray for our common home and advocate for its protection. You can sign the pledge online. To download and display in your home, visit the Pledge Forms area of this site.

Loss of Biodiversity

An article from the Laudato Si Animators UK on how our eco-systems are being destroyed in the main by human activity.


Cocoa means chocolate, and giving up chocolate may be very difficult for some people. But we can be discerning about the brands of chocolate we choose.


Cutting out coffee or cutting down on the amount of coffee we consume will help combat the loss of biodiversity.


If we grow more organic arable crops as an alternative to beef, we will be able to feed more people and cause far less destruction and pollution.

Climate Change

An article from the Laudato Si Animators UK on global warming and climate change.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is a very efficient crop compared to other oils, but make sure, if you choose to use it, that it is sustainable and organic if possible.

Soy Feed

Eating soy directly we use less land, water and resources but try to make sure that the soya milk and tofu you buy is organic and not from rainforest land.