General Directory for Catechesis

The General Directory for Catechesis is a document focused on religious instruction and formation in the Catholic faith.

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Preaching the Gospel in the contemporary world

The Second Vatican Council prescribed that a ‘Directory for the catechetical instruction of the Christian people’ be drawn up.

This document was called the ‘General Catechetical Directory’ and was published in 1971. It was produced by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy addressed to both priests and lay catechists.

Almost 30 years later, just before the third millennium, the Vatican decided that the directory was in need of an update and the ‘General Directory for Catechesis’ was published in 1997. It remains the current version although a revision is planned.

The document is the primary reference source for the teaching of faith, religious instruction and the new evangelisation.


Download an introduction to the General Directory for Catechesis.

Full Document
You can read the full text on the Vatican website.