Our Artist for the Year

We’re delighted to have commissioned Pete Codling as our artist for 'The God Who Speaks'.

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Pete will be creating an artwork based on our The God who Speaks theme and we’re really looking forward to seeing how he interprets this idea.

Pete will take his artwork around the dioceses for you to see and he will be talking about his artistic journey from early ideas to completion.

Pete’s Vision

My art commission for the 2020 ‘God who Speaks’ has really challenged me creatively. The research and ideas have finally resolved in the final design to be unveiled next year. For the next few months I will be studio bound, in my favourite part, making the artwork itself.

The main theme has taken me into both familiar territory of the bible narratives and technically in terms composition, traditional materials and learning a new skill. Without giving too much away just yet, my research has taken me to Ravenna and Venice in Italy in search of materials, technique and craftmanship.

It has also been a spiritual journey of my own in relation to exploring devotional works from all the religions and places of worship; museums, art galleries, temples, cathedrals and ancient Greek and Roman palaces have all added something to the inspiration for this piece.

The hymn ‘God moves in Mysterious Ways’ can also be said of how he speaks to us not just through the bible but quietly, to us as individuals through an inner voice; through inspiration, creativity and our experience of art.

The pressure of making a new devotional and beautiful work of art, worthy of the great cathedrals, is felt heavily in my knowledge of art history and my personal experience seeing the work of the old masters. Great artwork that transcends time to speak to us today not just of Christianity, but of the bigger human condition in all its cultural forms.

The idea behind this artwork challenges me technically as well as artistically; in my attempt to make something that engages peoples with the theme, and hopefully a notion of beauty, that involves them spending time with it. It is very detailed and colourful, full of contrast and texture, lots to look at! It is relatively small in comparison to my other work, but this is certainly a heavy weight in terms of its content and ambition. I look forward to sharing it with you all soon.