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Links to videos and articles guiding you through popular devotions such as The Stations of the Cross.

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The Way of the Cross – Focus on the characters encountered by Christ – youtube.com

The Stations of the Cross – The Way of the Cross by St Francis of Assisi – youtube.com

Stations of the Cross – PDF document from the Diocese of Ossory can be found here – Stations of The Cross for Our Times

African Stations of the Cross –

Saints – get to know the Saint of the day – info.franciscanmedia.org

The Rosary – with the Pope – vaticannews.va

The Liturgy Office has prepared Prayers for use during a time of ‘flu and illnessliturgyoffice.org.uk. This contains general prayers for health and also a note about Spiritual Communion and praying during Self-Isolation.

Pray As You Go is a website and app providing a framework for daily prayer sessions (with music, scripture and some questions for reflection). They have recently launched a Pray As You Stay series that aims to support you during this time of self-isolation, uncertainty and fear.

Prayers of Hope – join thousands of Christians across Britain praying together at 7.00 pm every Sunday evening. Find out more here.

Our official prayers for the Year of the Word can be found here.

How to do Lectio Divina (Holy Reading)

Lectio Divina is Latin for "Divine Reading" and is the practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer to deepen knowledge of God's Living Word.