Living God’s Word

We not only need to hear and receive God’s word, we also need to put that word into practice.

To help achieve transformation in our hearts and in our communities there will be three themes for ‘The God Who Speaks’ – celebrating, living and sharing God’s word.

Your word is a lamp for my steps and a light for my path.
Ps 118 (119): 105

Scripture shapes our actions, our choices and how we relate to God, to ourselves, to our neighbours and to our world. It guides all our relationships and how we live our lives.

Scripture teaches us how to live in society, to respect each human being and to work towards the common good. The Scriptures inspire us to put faith into action, living God’s word and doing God’s word.

How can we live God’s Word?

So we can live God’s word by:

  • Cherishing life at every stage.
  • Using and sharing our resources fairly.
  • Protecting the weak, the poor and the marginalised.


Throughout 2020, dioceses and communities are invited to explore:

  • In what good ways do we live God’s word?
  • Where might there be gaps? Is anyone excluded?
  • What new ways and opportunities might be open to us?


Please email Fleur Dorrell if you have any questions relating to our Scripture initiative ‘The God Who Speaks’.

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