Films: Scripture and Art

Cardinal Vincent Nichols launches our 2020 'God Who Speaks' Scripture initiative from the National Gallery in London. The Cardinal stands alongside three devotional and dynamic paintings by different artists to bring to life their meaning for our times.

We join Cardinal Nichols alongside three incredible works of art – looking to deepen our faith and our love of Scripture.

We started with St Jerome – a very important saint and Biblical scholar – looking at a painting by Italian Renaissance artist Masaccio, titled ‘Saints Jerome and John the Baptist’.

Now, as we move into a new year in the life of the Church, we have a second film to mark the start of Advent.

‘The Nativity at Night’ by Dutch artist, Geertgen tot Sint Jans which means ‘Little Gerard of Saint John’, is a tender scene in which the darkness is illuminated by Jesus in the manger: the golden glow around his body lights up an array of adoring angels, each with individual hand gestures as if they’re all marvelling at different insights that have aroused their senses. It is a believer’s Nativity, whose palette is prayer. It is a mystic attempt to imagine that unique holy night.

Our final film will go live at on 26 February 2020, for Lent.

Why not enrich your spiritual journey further by visiting the National Gallery in person or online and discover just how many paintings focus on the Bible and Bible stories?

The Nativity at Night

Cardinal Vincent Nichols offers his reflections on this painting by Dutch artist Geertgen tot Sint Jans titled 'The Nativity at Night'.

Saints Jerome and John the Baptist

Cardinal Vincent Nichols offers his reflections on this painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Masaccio titled 'Saints Jerome and John the Baptist'.

Who was Saint Jerome?

October's 'Focus' falls on St. Jerome. Who was he? What can we learn from him?