Celebrating God’s Word

Whenever we celebrate the liturgy, the Scriptures are proclaimed. We listen to God speaking to us with the Church.

To help achieve transformation in our hearts and in our communities there will be three themes for ‘The God Who Speaks’ – celebrating, living and sharing God’s word.

Ezra read from the Law of God so that the people understood what was read.
cf. Nehemiah 8:8

Whenever we celebrate the liturgy, the Scriptures are proclaimed. We listen to God speaking to us with the Church. In the Sacraments, the Liturgy of the Hours and in our prayers we encounter Christ; through our responses we deepen our participation which transforms our lives.

In discovering and renewing a genuine love for the word of God, we nurture our relationship with Christ.

Through the Bible, we meet Christ who is alive in his word. We can listen to him speaking to us and guiding us in our daily lives.
How can we celebrate God’s Word?

We celebrate God’s word by:

  • Reading at Mass with confidence and understanding.
  • Leading the Liturgy of the Word with children with imagination and faith.
  • Praying with Scripture and reflection in our daily routine.


Throughout 2020, dioceses and communities are invited to explore:

  • In what good ways do we celebrate God’s word?
  • Where might there be gaps? Is anyone excluded?
  • What new ways and opportunities might be open to us?


Please email Fleur Dorrell if you have any questions relating to our Scripture initiative ‘The God Who Speaks’.

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