Bible Basics

The book that has had the biggest influence on the history of the world is almost certainly the Christian bible. It has touched individuals and societies in so many different ways.

In this section we go back to basics to provide information, articles and inspiration to help visitors simply and clearly understand and explore sacred scripture.

“The word of God is alive and active (Heb 4 :12); it does not die, nor does it age, but it remains for ever (cf. 1 Pt 1: 25). It stays young in the presence of all that passes away (cf. Mt 25: 35) and preserves those who put it into practice from inner aging.” Pope Francis

Fr Stephen Wang summarises the bible succinctly in an article you can read, in full, in this section:

“It speaks about God’s love for all people; his special love for the Jewish people; the coming of the Saviour, Jesus Christ; his death and resurrection; the gift of the Holy Spirit; and the beginnings of the Christian Church. It finishes with an extraordinary vision of heaven.”

What is the bible?

Fr Stephen Wang gives a personal and simple reflection on exactly what the bible is and why it's relevant in our lives today.

Saint Matthew’s Gospel Day-by-day

Throughout 2020 the Bishops of England and Wales invite you to join them in reading Saint Matthew’s Gospel, just a few verses each day.

Faith-Sharing Group Guides

Small faith-sharing groups can take many forms. We've added several guides for use in your own parish, school or community.

Listening to the God who Speaks

So what is the most important commandment in the Bible? Of course you know the answer....

Can we trust the bible?

Fr Stephen Wang gives us four reasons why we can trust the bible - especially why we can trust the accounts of Jesus’s life that are presented in the four Gospels.

How the bible changed my life

Every Christian has a different story about how God has spoken to them through the words of the bible. Fr Stephen Wang tells us how the bible changed his life.

Magna Carta and Gospel Reading

Fr Joseph O’Hanlon, a retired priest of the Nottingham Diocese who has a lifetime of experience teaching the Bible, writes about Stephen Langton, the Magna Carta and the influence on our Gospel reading.

A journey of Mindfulness with St Matthew

Fr Tom Grufferty invites us to walk out of our comfort zone and march on a journey of mindfulness with St Matthew.

Everyday Matthew - you didn’t know you knew

Fr Joseph O’Hanlon takes us through the Gospel of St Matthew to reveal a surprising number of quotes we use in our daily lives.

Thy Kingdom Come

Fr Joseph O’Hanlon tells us that the Gospel of Matthew mentions the kingdom of heaven 54 times but what else to we need to know about it?

Wrestling with God…

Fr Joseph O’Hanlon tells us a story from the Book of Genesis.