The tiniest spot ever

Catherine, needed help with her anxiety and confidence. When at Mass she experienced God's love and has not looked back since.

Although a cradle Catholic, before my personal encounter with Christ, I was a nervous anxious emotional wreck. I didn’t particularly have any questions. But one day, during a Church service something happened that would change everything.

The crucifixion came to me engulfing my feelings with a depth of God’s love for me. About the same time I saw a spot, the tiniest ever, on my Mass book. It was at the time of consecration during Mass.

My body froze in a stunned bewilderment. I couldn’t find where it came from. It was a tiny red spot, that smudged like fresh blood when I touched it. After this happened, I had a new confidence in doing the will of God. I knew that by following the example of Jesus and mightily praying for the Holy Spirit to give me the emotional strength needed.

This was in 1972, I was pregnant and a student nurse at the time, married to a non-Catholic, and still am moved by it 48 years later. Since then I have had loads of other reinforcing experiences along the way that come to me when I least expect it. I think these encounters are how I am being looked after from above.