Still Searching

Piers is not giving up. He has heard people have encounters with Christ and longs for it. His heartfelt story shows his perseverance in faith.

I have not had an encounter with Christ. As a Catholic from birth, and abiding in faith, I have for the most part followed the ay of Christ, but I do not recall any event that led to an encounter.

I should have asked questions but did not, trusting instead that those who brought me up, who loved me and who I loved and respected and who were converts, knew the way. The result was a passive rather than an active faith.

While there was no encounter that I could describe, in later life I have recognised coincidences which have strengthened my faith, but I would not describe any of them as an encounter.

My next steps are to keep going. I find it impossible to understand how, when I die, I might, just might, enjoy everlasting life with the Blessed Trinity when I leave behind a world torn by grief, suffering and persecution.

I’d really like to have a conversation with someone who has questions about their faith as they would probably help me more than I could help them.

I really want to experience the joy of loving God, but have living over seventy years, three Alphas it has not happened. I keep going, but the loss of friends who were healthy and with years of living ahead of them, it still troubles me. An underlying faith keeps me going, and I want to get there.