Good News Stories

Our good news stories are just a few real life encounters with Christ that we hope will inspire others to open their heart to the Holy Spirit.

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From Plymouth to Syracuse
Still Searching

Piers is not giving up. He has heard people have encounters with Christ and longs for it. His heartfelt story shows his perseverance in faith.

My faith, awakened

Patrick was already a Christian, but experienced a new depth to his faith when he had an encounter with Christ.

The tiniest spot ever

Catherine, needed help with her anxiety and confidence. When at Mass she experienced God's love and has not looked back since.

A contagious faith

Lynn shares how others revealed the faith she had been looking for.

Lourdes changed everything

Richard didn't believe in God, but he decided to help some girls fundraise for their pilgrimage to Lourdes, before he knew it he was going too. Something changed in him in that special place where heaven touches earth.