Easter at Home

Many people are asking how we will observe Easter this year. Here you will find our content for Holy Week and Easter as we experience Christ's Passion and Resurrection in our homes.

During Holy Week we followed Christ from his triumphant entrance into Jerusalem to the foot of the Cross as sorrowful bystanders to His Passion, before rolling back the stone of the empty tomb and the joy of the Resurrection.

In 2020, we find ourselves painfully separated from the Church and our usual rhythms and practices. But we are a strong Catholic community online and, in these unique, troubled times, it’s the best time to look to the certainty of the Cross and Christ’s sacrifice for us.

Vatican Live

Here you will find a live broadcast from the Vatican with English language audio.

Easter Sunday

The Resurrection of Jesus is the principle tenet of the Christian Faith; it proves that Jesus was the Son of God, and that He rose from the dead by His own power.

Holy Saturday

Jesus is entombed but what happened on Holy Saturday after the Death of Jesus?

Good Friday

On Good Friday we celebrate the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ as a redemption for the whole human race.

Maundy Thursday

Thursday in Holy Week or Maundy Thursday is the fifth day of Holy Week.

Good Wednesday

Wednesday in Holy Week, Spy Wednesday or Good Wednesday

Pope’s Holy Week Message

Pope Francis sends a video message as Christians around the world prepare to celebrate Holy Week in an unusual manner due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Participating in Holy Week while Remaining at Home

The Bishop of Leeds, Bishop Marcus Stock, has offered some reflections and suggestions for Catholics as we follow the sacred events of Holy Week in an entirely different way this year.

Easter Duties - The Forgiveness of Sins

During Holy Week we can't go to Confession - the Sacrament of Reconciliation - as part of our 'Easter Duties'. But there is a mechanism for the forgiveness of sins at this unique time.