Christmas with The God Who Speaks

Our friends over at 'The God Who Speaks' have put together a series of scripture resources for Advent and Christmas. You can 'Make Room for God', spend time 'Dreaming With Joseph', follow the Christmas Donkey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, download traditional resources and much more.

Dreaming with Joseph

David McLoughlin takes a closer look at St Joseph’s life and story focusing on the lessons we can learn from him.

Dreaming with Joseph this Christmas: On Dreaming in a Time of Crisis (part 1)

Dreaming with Joseph this Christmas: On Dreaming in a Time of Crisis (part 2)

Why wasn’t Jesus born in the Temple?

Fr Michael Hall shows us the expected in the unexpected this Christmas with a richer understanding of the Scriptures, and where God reveals his holiness and glory in a new light.

Christmas: The Lord who enters his Temple

Advent Scripture Resources

Celebrate the season of Advent in your home with these services and resources.

Traditional Advent Resources

Christmas in Plain English

A Christmas story resource designed for children who prefer the Bible in plain English words and pictures.

The Christmas Story in Plain English

Christmas Donkey

A new and interactive resource for children that tells the Christmas story. The God Who Speaks team introduces us to the donkey detective who travels from Nazareth to Bethlehem as he seeks to unravel the Christmas story. Pick up clues along the way and store them on his saddle.

The Christmas Donkey

Room for God

In the midst of all the preparation and busyness this Christmas, take some time out to create space for the sacred. Try out our new ‘Room for God’ resource here.

Making Room for God this Christmas

Soul to Soul

We know that Christmas can be a difficult time for many and so we wanted to repost this resource from earlier in the year, in the hope that it can be helpful to you or somebody you know at this time.

Soul to Soul

Bible Society Resources

Discover Bible Society‘s Christmas booklets, animations, stickers, gifts and more.

Celebrate Christmas with Bible Society