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The 2013 National Justice & Peace Network conference will take place Friday 19 – Sunday 21 July.

The theme is Breaking Open the Word – a call to faith in action. The venue is The Hayes Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire and it is expected to attract around 350-400 participants.

The keynote speaker is Megan McKenna, an internationally known author, theologian, storyteller and dynamic lecturer. A native of New York City, she works with indigenous groups in base Christian Communities and with justice and peace groups, parishes, dioceses and religious communities in the United States and elsewhere. In 2002 she was appointed an Ambassador of Peace for Pax Christi International. She will look at the Scriptures, how these both convert and transform us and bring meaning and hope to the world.

John Battle, former MP, Minister of State and Director of Church Action on Poverty, will chair the conference. The conference is organised by NJPN in conjunction with Hallam Justice & Peace Commission, and supported by Bishop John Rawsthorne of Hallam.

Through input from Megan McKenna, and a range of workshops and creative spaces, the conference will seek to explore ways of integrating action and faith through prayer, art and lifestyle; critique current social, economic and political realities from the perspective of the poor, in the light of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching; and provide opportunities for concrete action.


Workshops include:

CAFOD Hungry for Change

Adult Formation

Progressio—Women and fragile states

Prayer and Action

Using the Media


Church Action on Poverty


UK Austerity



Music as an expression of social justice

Working with allies in a secular society

Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

Plus: An Eritrean Coffee Ceremony.

There will be a reflective space throughout the weekend facilitated by Inspirative Arts.

Children and young people are a vital part of the NJPN conference. There will be a crèche for children under 5 and a Y-KIDS Programme for 5 to 11 year olds. 12 to 16/18 year olds will explore the conference theme in an active and thought-provoking weekend led by InReality Youth Team from Hallam Diocese.


Megan McKenna’s website is at www.meganmckenna.com

See Pax Christi Ambassadors for Peace – including Megan McKenna – at: paxchristiusa.org

NJPN Networking day on 11 May, in conjunction with Pax Christi. Keynote speaker is Tina Beattie.

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