“To serve the church and the world through marriage and family life” Familiaris Consortio #75

What is FAMILIAS ?

  • FAMILIAS is the Association for Catholic Diocesan Marriage and Family Life Ministry (England and Wales) established in 2008 to serve the church and the world through marriage and family life.
  • FAMILIAS’ members recognise that marriage and family life have a specific God-given purpose in the lives of individuals, society and the Church.
  • FAMILIAS aims to support, nourish and sustain all families whatever their circumstances. In 2006,

Following the outcomes of Listening 2004 and a renewed focus on marriage and family life ministry in the Catholic Church in England and Wales, diocesan coordinators of marriage and family ministry decided to formally organise themselves as an Association. FAMILIAS’ members recognise that family is where we learn to relate, whether well or poorly, to self, to others, to God and FAMILIAS therefore places the pastoral care of marriage and family life at the heart of this ministry.

What does FAMILIAS do?

  • FAMILIAS provides a collective voice for the diocesan marriage and family life ministry network in England and Wales
  • FAMILIAS shares good practice and makes marriage & family life ministry resources more widely available
  • FAMILIAS connects and care for its members through peer support, ongoing training and formation
  • FAMILIAS advocates for marriage and family life through its membership of the Bishops’ Committee for Marriage and Family and through collaboration with other like-minded organisations
  • FAMILIAS communicates, advises and serves by sharing members’ news, job opportunities and responding to national and local issues of interest to its members

Since 2008 FAMILIAS has awarded several small grants and bursaries to support the formation of its members and the pastoral care of families. FAMILIAS has also hosted annual national or regional workshops for its members on the themes of:

  • Love and Work in the Adult Life Cycle
  • My Family, My Priesthood: the influence of family on vocations to the priesthood
  • Policy and Parenting Experience
  • The Love of Parents
  • Prevention of Young Suicide (Papyrus)
  • Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse
  • Amoris Laetitia in the Home, Parish and School Partnership
  • Restored Lives Post-Divorce Recovery Programme Training

Familias Membership

There are three levels of FAMILIAS membership: Full members are the official/lead Coordinator of Marriage and Family Life Ministry in the diocese, appointed by the diocesan bishop; Associate members are those who work alongside the Coordinator of Marriage and Family Life Ministry, in an official paid or voluntary capacity; and a Friend of FAMILIAS is a group or individual who support(s) FAMILIAS’ vision and mission to serve the Church and the world through marriage and family life.

FAMILIAS’ business is conducted by a voluntary Executive and supported by a part-time Administrator. Elected representatives from FAMILIAS’ Northern, Southern and Western Regions also serve on the Catholic Bishops’ Committee for Marriage and Family Life.

For further information about FAMILIAS and to enquire about becoming a member please visit: www.familias-ew.org.uk or contact the FAMILIAS Administrator at: fammflew@gmail.com

Contact your local Coordinator of Marriage and Family Life Ministry:

For more information on Familias you can visit it’s website, follow them on Twitter or Download their flyer