Throughout the year we will have a different monthly focus to help explore our three themes; celebrating, living and sharing God's word.

Our Focus this month is on Advent and Christmas.

Download our 4 week Advent Course and use our Matthew Day-by-Day guide to help you journey to Christ this Christmas.

Advent Course 2019

Advent is a time of preparation. Use our resources, the Advent Course 2019 and Matthew: Day by Day Guide to help you reflect more deeply this December.

Saint Matthew’s Gospel Day-by-day

Throughout 2020 the Bishops of England and Wales invite you to join them in reading Saint Matthew’s Gospel, just a few verses each day.

Death and Dying

There is a word of Scripture for every time and season of our lives. The more we know and explore; the more we will have to draw upon when we need.

The value of scripture at the end of life

As we, or our loved ones, near the end of our earthly life, we may notice a shift in focus from the things of this world that have often preoccupied us, to the eternal truths unpacked in Holy Scripture and contained in the Bible.

Towards a better use of prison

October's 'Focus' sees us look at our Prison communities and Prison reform.