Dialogue and Unity

The Department for Dialogue and Unity works to foster cooperation with other Christian traditions and other faiths. It also implements Catholic Church teaching to promote an understanding of the living faith of Judaism and the Jewish roots of Christianity. The department has two committees: The Committee for Christian Unity and the Committee for Catholic/Jewish Relations. It also has an Office for Relations with Other Religions.

Christian Unity

Christian Unity

Unity among all Christians is a key concern of the Catholic Church. Ecumenism, unity or cooperation with other Christian churches, is about healing and forgi... Read more

Interreligious Dialogue

Other Religions

"In dialogue [with other religions] we must not be surprised, but actually expect to find God already there, and that Christ has gone before us." Read more

Jewish Relations

Jewish Relations

The Department of Dialogue and Unity works to build the relationship between the Church and Jewish people, thus implementing the official teaching of the Chu... Read more



English ARC - Quniquennial Report 2012-2017 39.44 kB
Quinquenial Report on Dialogue between the Anglican and the Roman Catholic Church of England and Wales.

Not strangers but fellow travellers 25.72 kB
Report on the second Five-Years of Dialogue between the United Reformed Church and the Roman Catholic Church of England and Wales

The Search for Christian Unity 157.13 kB
The Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism. 2001

Meeting God in Friend and Stranger 348.64 kB
A teaching document on interreligious dialogue from the Bishops’ Conference. 2010

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Contact information for the Department of Dialogue and Unity. Read more