Domestic and International Work

The departments, agencies and offices of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales work across a number of diverse subject areas from bioethics, education, social action and overseas mission to migration, aid and development, the environment and interreligious dialogue. In terms of this website, our work lives in the section of the site dedicated to our 'departments'. If you can't find a subject or area of work, also check our 'agencies'.


Adult Formation

Every Catholic is invited to grow in their understanding of what the Church teaches and to expand their vocabulary to enable them to explain their faith and... Read more



Africa is a rich and diverse continent, the second biggest in the world, with 54 fully-recognised countries. Each country has its own economic, political and... Read more


Sacred Scripture

As Christians, we understand the Bible to be the written word of God. Read in the light of the Church’s living Tradition, the texts of Scripture speak to us... Read more


Catholic Education

The Catholic Church was arguably the first provider of schools and universities in England. In 1905 the Catholic Education Council was established as the ove...Read more


Christian Unity

Unity among all Christians is a key concern of the Catholic Church. Ecumenism, unity or cooperation with other Christian churches, is about healing and forgi... Read more



As Christians we are inspired to be stewards of the earth, to conserve and protect God’s creation and the earth’s resources. Read more



In 2003, Pope John Paul II firmly linked Europe with Christianity in his Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Europa. He said: "There can be no doubt that the C... Read more


Health and Social Care

The Church has, since earliest times, been committed to caring for those who are sick or in need. Indeed, institutions established by churches and religious... Read more


Holy Land

The Christian community in the Holy Land represents a physical link between the modern world and the life and times of Christ - they are the 'living stones'... Read more


Home Mission

The Home Mission Desk sits within the Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis and acts as a point of reference for evangelisation in dioceses, movements... Read more


Human Trafficking

Trafficking for sexual exploitation is one of the key policy challenges in the pastoral care of migrants. The Office for Migration Policy (OMP) is developing... Read more



The Catholic Catholic Parliamentary and Public Policy Internship scheme provides at least six recently graduated Catholics with an intensive experience of po... Read more


Jewish Relations

The Department of Dialogue and Unity works to build the relationship between the Church and Jewish people, thus implementing the official teaching of the Chu... Read more


Life Issues

All life is sacred - a gift from God. This is why the Church opposes abortion (ending life in the womb) and Euthanasia (ending life before natural death). In... Read more



The Department for Christian Life and Worship advises the Bishops on subjects relating to the material and spiritual life of the Church. Read more


Vocation (NOV)

The National Office for Vocation is an Office of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales. Its mission is to build a culture of vocation in the Church... Read more


Marriage and Family

Marriage and family life are extremely important to Catholics. The Church has a long tradition of recognising the importance of healthy marriage and family l... Read more


Mental Health

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has established a Mental Health Project to further encourage and inspire us as communities of understan... Read more



The Office for Migration Policy monitors information and prepares briefs on migration to enable the bishops to develop policy and respond to debates. The Off... Read more


Other Religions

"In dialogue [with other religions] we must not be surprised, but actually expect to find God already there, and that Christ has gone before us." Read more



A Church for us is more than a building – it is a sacred space, filled with God's presence. Everything within that space – the paintings, the statues, the st... Read more


Prison Ministry

Over 85,000 men and women are in prison in England and Wales today - an estimated 15,000 are Catholics. In this section, you can read the Bishops' 2004 docum... Read more


Rural Issues

As part of the Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis, the Bishops' Conference has a working group that focuses on rural issues. Sometimes the Church i... Read more



The Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS) is the national agency for driving and supporting improvements in safeguarding practice within the Catholic... Read more