The Living Wage

The Living Wage is an hourly wage rate calculate to take into consideration the costs of housing, transport, food and basic essentials for the worker and their family. In November 2012 the Catholic Bishops’ Conference passed a resolution which fully endorses the principle of the Living Wage and encourages Catholic organisations and charities in England and Wales to work towards its implementation. Their resolution recognised that fair wages are essential to the Common Good of our society and are part of the Church’s mission to support the poor and vulnerable. This resolution follows over 100 years of support from the Popes on the importance of a just wage, found within a collection of Papal Encyclicals or letters, more commonly known as Catholic Social Teaching.

Living Wage

Bishops' Resolution

In accordance with Catholic Social Teaching, and as part of its mission to support the poor and vulnerable, the Bishops’ Conference fully endorses the princi...Read more

Living Wage

Papal Encyclicals

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Living Wage

Living Wage Employer

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