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Human trafficking is a highly lucrative activity where criminals exploit people and inflict misery. A response to human trafficking needs to be unequivocal,...Read more

Trafficking Response

Bakhita Initiative

The Bakhita Initiative embodies the union of the Roman Catholic Church in its local, national and universal dimensions in communion with Pope Francis and exp...Read more

facts and stats

Facts and Statistics

Human trafficking now ranks as the second most profitable worldwide criminal enterprise after the illegal arms trade. This article gives the current situatio...Read more

Trafficking Response


The Bakhita Initiative will be overseen by the Bakhita Foundation, which will co-ordinate all the work of the Initiative. The key stakeholders of the Bakhita...Read more

Trafficking Response


The Institute will focus on prevention, through the delivery of an awareness raising campaign and a customised training programme that will be rolled out at...Read more

Trafficking Response

Bakhita House

Caritas Bakhita House will become an essential part of the initiative. It will be a ‘triage’ centre for the emergency placement of women escaping human traff...Read more


Bakhita Initiative

Response to Trafficking.

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