Alan Hopes, Bishop of East Anglia

The heart of our Catholic Faith is the Good News of the wonderful things that Jesus Christ has done for us.

The Church is the guardian of this story and the treasury of grace available to us. We delight in this mystery and therefore love to celebrate it. Sometimes the light of faith grows dim or the life of Christian discipleship has becomes difficult. The temptation then is to become lukewarm in our practice of the faith, or even to walk away completely. But then a glimmer of the old light we once knew might shine on us once more and we know it is calling us home. Fear and uncertainty might prevent us from making a move in response to that glimmer – but we should not fear. As a kindly mother, the Church is always waiting to welcome us back home.

I would want to encourage those who no longer practice their faith to respond to those glimmers of light and take the first step, for this truly is a moment of grace. To those who still practice their faith, I would want to ask them to keep the lights of welcome burning and do all they can to be gracious and welcoming to those who take those first tentative steps.

May we all know our Faith, love our Faith and share our Faith.

Rt Rev Alan Hopes
Bishop of East Anglia