George Stack, Archbishop of Cardiff

Space exploration has taught us that re-entry is one of the most difficult and dangerous manoeuvre of all!

Unless the returning space capsule is travelling at a slower speed and at the correct angle, it is likely to burn up when re-entering the atmosphere of the earth.
I hope that image is not too strong when we think about inviting non-practicing Catholics to re-enter the active life and worship of the Church. Each one has a unique life to live and a deeply personal story.

It is too hard for many to revisit the past. ‘Crossing the Threshold’ may be too big a step to take alone. That is why the invitation, friendship and support of fellow Catholics are such important ways of accompanying these brothers and sisters of ours so that they may experience the communion and fellowship of the members of Christ’s Body.
Amongst the many things we are called to do and to be in our parishes, this is surely the most important of all.

Mt Rev George Stack
Archbishop of Cardiff