Interreligious Dialogue


On this page you will find a variety of resources to help you engage in and understand more deeply the need for interreligious dialogue.


Meditation on Other Religions 2.13 MB
Pope Benedict XVI encouraged Catholics to share the 'spiritual riches' of their religion during his visit to the UK, and to discover those of others. This meditation uses the inspiration of other religions to help Christians reflect on their own deeply spiritual tradition.

Why is Interreligious Dialogue worthwhile? 3.64 MB
This PowerPoint gives a very short overview as to why interreligious dialogue is worthwhile – both for practical and spiritual reasons.

Audio and Video
What can Ramadan mean for a Catholic? Listen to the bishops’ interreligious adviser reflect on the inspiration that lies in this most holy month for Muslims.


Exploring Islam
A four part series which looks at The Origins of Islam, Islamic Beliefs, Islamic Law, Christianity and Islam 

In Their own Words
A podcast series where followers of the world's nine major religions talk about their faith. Each person talks about their own religious beliefs - in their own words - and from their own perspective.

Heard the one about the Rabbi and the Priest?
Sounds like the start of a rather poor joke - but it's not. This podcast offers an excellent template for local collaboration and mutual understanding between Catholics and Jews.

Other Religions and the Quality of Mercy
This podcast appropriately looks at the quality of mercy in Christianity and other religions.

Judaism and the concept of mercy
In this podcast we explore the concept of mercy - and indeed that of a merciful God - with two Jewish rabbis from different confessions.


Bishops' Conference blog on interreligious events, news and good practice

Vatican the Holy See

Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue


Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Interfaith Network for the UK

The Council of Christians and Jews

The Christian Muslim Forum

Faith Forums

London Interfaith Centre

Interreligious marriage

Interfaith Marriage Network

Muslim/Christian Marriage Support Group

General Resources

Calendar of Religious Festivals

Celebrating Festivals 1.34 MB

Excellent brochures on different religions, developed by the Nottingham Interfaith Council

Interreligious resources from the Methodist Church

Muslims ask, Christians answer

Pope John Paul II Address to the Representatives of the World Religions at Assisi on 24 January 2004