Passing on the Faith

Passing on the Faith

Passing on the Faith is an initiative of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales to help parents and grandparents to pass on faith in God. The Passing on the Faith working group was commissioned to clarify the role of parents and grandparents and to identify resources that are helpful to them in the transmission of faith in God to the next generation. The working group held a national conversation around the Home-School-Parish partnership in December 2009 which led to a pilot study called Partners in a Shared Task. The findings from this study are to be presented at another national conference on 17 October 2012: Passing on Faith in the Year of Faith. The Marriage & Family Life Project Office also hosted internship projects in 2010 to explore support for grandparents and the importance of toddler groups in supporting parents.

Partners in a Shared Task

As parents, teachers, priests, parish catechists or youth workers, our roles in the settings of home, parish and school are complementary yet distinct. We are partners in a shared task. We help the young to grow and develop but we do so in different ways. We need to be clear about our different roles if we are to perform them with confidence.
Partners in a Shared Task is an opportunity for all those involved in the partnership to explore key questions about their role and that of their partners. The process has been piloted within three dioceses: Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Plymouth. Each diocese adapted the process to meet its own context, capacity and timetable.



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