Everybody's Welcome

Everybody's Welcome

Everybody's Welcome is a project launched in 2006 to support parish communities in becoming more friendly, more family-sensitive, and more welcoming of all. It is part of a three phase initiative called Celebrating Family: Blessed, Broken, Living Love, which is a project to support marriage and family life within the Catholic community of England and Wales.

Everybody's Welcome is about supporting the development of welcoming, family-sensitive, friendly parishes

  •  To offer understanding, friendship and support to all
  •  To be a source of help in times of need
  •  To help everyone in the parish feel that they belong there
  •  To encourage and celebrate all family life whether married, widowed, single, divorced, separated, with children or without.

The Everybody's Welcome website

This website is the main means of making certain key resources for Everybody's Welcome available to parishes, dioceses, organisations and other Christian communities across England and Wales and beyond.Some of the resources you will find are:

  •  General practical tools for building or developing a spirit of friendliness, family-sensitivity and welcome within parishes. Download the 'Everybody's Welcome' and 'A Ministry of Welcome' training kit for parishes.
  •  Specific practical tools for accommodating those families with particular needs beyond the scope of the general tools mentioned above.
  •  Inspiring stories from parishes putting the project objectives into practice
  •  Month by month simple and easy ideas for parishes to try
  •  Resources such as welcome packs, directory of sources of family support, parish marriage and family ministry handbooks, diocesan marriage and family ministry handbook.

Working Group Members

Roberta Canning - Wrexham
Sarah Johnson - Westminster
Judith O'Grady - The Grail
Joy Wanless - Salford
Elizabeth Davies - Project Officer
Susan Tym - Hallam
Jo Pitt - Middlesbrough