A Church for us is more than a building – it is a sacred space, filled with God's presence. Everything within that space – the paintings, the statues, the stained glass – exists for a spiritual purpose.

This is to provide people with a focus for prayer and an insight into God: literally a 'glimpse of heaven'. The word 'Patrimony' describes the Church's cultural inheritance in terms of architecture, art and artefacts. All witness to our Catholic past: a history of persecution, struggle and ultimately, revival. We are just custodians, with a duty to preserve these sacred treasures for the future. Much of our work is done through the Patrimony Committee. This oversees the work of the diocesan Historic Churches Committees, and acts as the interface between Government authorities and the Church in relation to planning and heritage matters.


Patrimony Committee

The Patrimony Committee's remit in general terms is in place to encourage the appreciation, care and enhancement of the patrimony of the Church in its sacred...Read more


Care of Churches

Part of the management of historic churches, and any church, is the continuing care for the fabric and furnishings. The Patrimony Committee has prepared a se...Read more


Historic Churches

Under the Ecclesiastical Exemption Order 1994 churches and chapels in use for worship are exempted from some of the provisions of planning legislation subjec...Read more


Historic Churches Conference 2019

This year’s Historic Churches Committees’ Conference will be held on Thursday 23 May 2019 at Cornerstone, opposite Cardiff Cathedral. Registration and refreshments will be from 10.00am and the Conference will start at 10.30am prompt. The closing date for applications is Wednesday 8 May.

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